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Environment Critters, Nature, and Earth. Cool animal, habitat and information about the environment! :

Meet Real Scientists (K-5):

Cool STEM Jobs!:

STEM Works: Great Activities!:

STEM Discover Engineering Activities:

NASA Space Place Live! (K-5):

Sally Ride: STEM Central:

Engineering for Students: Explore Engineering Careers!  (Grades 3-5):

Get to Know ENGINEERING GIRLS! Get to know female engineeers!:

Girl Scouts Science for Girls, Ages 5-9:

Girl Scouts Science for Girls, Ages 10-12:

How Stuff Works for Grades 4-5:


Student Educational Internet Links...Get Smarter Every Day!

CSU Pomona Math in a Flash (Gr. 4-5):

Gr. K-5 - Social Studies, Harcourt Reflections:

Open Court Resources LBUSD:

LBUSD Math Facts - Play Beat the Computer:

Gr. K-1: Learn to Read with Starfall:

Gr. K-2:  Literacy Concepts:

Gr. 3-5 Reading and Math Skills:

Gr. K-5 Reading/Sight Words:

Gr. K-5 Math Concepts:

Gr. 1-5 Math Magician and Math Facts Practice:

Gr. K-1 Kidport Math:

Gr. 2-5 Science - National Geographic Kids:

 Gr. 2-5 Science - Smithsonian National Zoo:

Gr. 2-5 African Art:

Gr. K-2 African Dress - Choose Your Style:

Gr. K-3 African Hatitude - Play African Matching Hats:

Gr. 5 National Museum of American History:

Gr. 4-5 Science - Air and Space Museum:

Gr. 4-5 Science - National Museum of Natural History:

Gr. K-5 Social Studies - Native Americans for Children:

Gr. K-5 Thematic Websites for Inquiry and Investigation: