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School Uniforms

The purpose of the uniform dress code at  Barton Elementary School is to present a professional and academic atmosphere for children.  Barton's school uniform policy reflects an attitude of self-respect and a commitment to the hard work of learning.  Thank you for your support in helping students to be serious about their school work.




Tops:  White, powder blue, navy blue polos or collared shirts (stripes not permitted).  Barton t-shirts and school club t-shirts accepted.


Bottoms:  Navy blue or khaki pants/shorts/skirts/skorts.  Navy blue jeans (rips, tears, sparkles, gems, and other decor are not permitted).


Footwear:  Shoes must cover the entire foot.  No sandals or any other open-toed or open-healed footwear may be worn.  No high heels may be worn.  Due to safety reasons, Crocs or not allowed.


Jewelry:  Most jewelry should be left at home. School personnel is not responsible for lost or stolen jewelry. Jewelry must not be gaudy or distract from the learning environment.  Absolutely no dangling or hoop earrings. Students may be asked to remove jewelry deemed inappropriate or unsafe by school personnel.





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