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Principal's Message

Message from Principal Richard Littlejohn

Welcome to Barton Elementary, Home of the Bears!  Barton is a great place to learn!  Our goal as a school is to meet the needs of every student exemplified through our dictum "Work hard, learn, and get smarter every day!" This displays the dedication, determination, and spirit of our teachers and students!  Our school provides students with an instructional program focused on the Common Core Standards and a STEM Program. Community partners such as Dramatic Results, Boeing, Shared Science, Sea Perch, and U.S. Navy Engineers are great examples of how our community has come together to support student focus on the STEM and Arts field. 

Our STEM and Arts Program sets us apart from other schools in Long Beach since we prepare students through a Linked Learning Approach to education.  Our purpose is to provide an educational advantage for our students in the neighborhood and approaching teaching and learning through Linked Learning prepares our students for College and Career.  A survey taken of our 5th Grade students showed that 88% of our students were interested in having careers in the STEM field.  Students, staff, and parents are excited about our educational program and look forward to continue supporting our students.

Parent involvement will be essential to the continued overall success of our students. Research shows that schools with high parental involvement and support have a correlation with high achievement on standardized assessments. We ask that you join us and become a volunteer through our VIPS program. VIPS are needed in the Main Office, in classrooms, and for special events. Join us in our School Site Council and English Langauge Advisory Council meetings!  Be a part of the team!  Our students and staff will appreciate any support you can provide!

Also as a reminder...Attendance has a strong relationship with overall academic success. We ask that students come to school on time every day. Students should be in line at the first bell at 7:55am.  Every minute is valuable and minutes become hours and days when you add up those tardy minutes!  We appreciate your support with getting your child to school on time!  Be great! Don't be late!

I am looking forward to a year full of learning, achievement, and smiles! Go BEARS!  Remember..."Work hard, learn, and get smarter every day!"

Best regards,

Richard Littlejohn, Principal

STEM and Arts Studies School

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