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    June 27 - July 22

    Barton Families,

    Welcome to SEAL (Summer School) 2022.  In preparation for SEAL, please keep the following in mind.

    *School starts at 8:00 am and students will be allowed to enter the campus through the Main Office located on Bentree at 7:55 am. 

    *Lunch will be provided, but breakfast will not be served during our summer program, so please make sure that students have breakfast before arriving to school.

    *School dismissal is at 11:30 am, and there's no supervision after school.

    *For safety reasons, please arrive early so you can find a park near or around the school.  When doing so, please be mindful to abide by and respect all traffic safety laws.  Staff and students' lives are placed in danger when a few individuals violate the laws in place. Our staff's priority is student safety, so please help us by following the traffic laws when picking students up from school.

    *Students attending WRAP after 11:30 am should report to the outside lunch benches so the WRAP staff can pick them up.    

    We look forward to welcoming our students on Monday.  

    Title 1 Meeting Video

    Please take a moment to review our Annual Title 1 video.  Please click the link to below to access the video.

    School Site Council Membership

    Barton's 21/22 School Site Council Team

    Dr. Williams, Principal

    Mrs. Dolan, Staff Member

    Ms. Perez, Staff Member

    Ms. Sotunde, Staff Member

    Ms. Gomez, Staff Member

    Mr. Roseborough, Parent

    Ms. Echavarre, Parent

    Ms. Gallegos, Parent

    Ms. Milan, Parent

    Ms. Bradfield, Parent



    Congratulations to Joanna Bradfield, Steven Roseborough, Maria E. Echavarre, Silvia Gallegos, and Marisol Milan for being elected to serve on School Site Council for the next two years. Crystal Perez will be our alternate for SSC.

    Congratulations to Gloria Sanchez, Maria E. Echavarre, Veronica Gonzalez, and Ana Ayala for being elected to an ELAC position.


    ELAC and SSC Elections 21/22

    ELAC and SSC elections will take place this Friday, November 5th, 2021.  Please vote in the school's office.

    Title 1 Meeting

    Our Title 1 Meeting will take place in the Auditorium on October 29, 2021 at 7:30 am and 5:00 pm. 

    ELAC Meeting 

    Parents of EL students, come learn more about ELAC.  Our first meeting will be held on October 26th, 2021.  Please check your email for more information.

    School Site Council

    Nomination forms are due in the office on Tuesday, October 26th.  Information was emailed to all families last week.  This is an elected position.

    Uniform Expectations

    Barton Families,

    Effective October 18th, students will be required to be in uniform.  Pants should be navy blue or denim, and tops are to be white, powder blue, or navy blue.  Barton t-shirts, dresses, skirts, and skorts are acceptable. 

    Holes in jeans or cut off shorts are not acceptable.  Shorts must be at an appropriate length.  For safety reasons, students are only allowed to wear closed toe shoes to school.  

    Although we have masks on campus, please pack extra masks for your student.  We highly encourage families to write the student's name inside their jackets.  Writing the names in jackets will assist us in locating a student's lost or missing clothing item.

    Principal's Message

    Principal:  Dr. J. Williams 

    Office Hours:  7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

    Please click the links below to read a message from Barton's Principal and to access the video which highlights the happenings at Barton Elementary School.

    First Day of School, Tuesday, August 31st 

    Barton Families!

    We are so excited to welcome our students back on campus for in-person learning. We have been working hard preparing classrooms and cleaning the campus to ensure that we all stay safe during this time.  

    As you know, we are still in a pandemic, and safety is a priority for all of us. To ensure that we stay safe, we will continue to practice some protocols that we had in place this past school year.


    *Entering and Exiting the Campus:  Students should continue to enter and exit campus at the following points - Main Entrance, Ridgewood gate, and Bentree gate near the Auditorium. Kinder students will enter on the Kinder blacktop, which is near the Library, off Ridgewood. 

    If a family member is dropping off a student, please be mindful of double-parking and speeding near the school.  We highly encourage our families to arrive early and park near the school or park a block or two away and walk to the campus.  Please be mindful not to block our neighbors' driveways.  


    *Families on Campus:  To ensure that we stay safe during this time, we are only allowing parents on campus to drop off students on Day 1.  After Day 1, we are no longer allowing families on campus during the time that we are in a pandemic.  This is only being done to keep us all safe.  When the pandemic is over, we will happily welcome our families back on campus.  Families can always make appointments to see a staff member, or they can call or stop by the office to ask questions.


    *Uniforms:  Effective October 18th, all students are highly encouraged to wear their school uniforms - blue bottoms, jeans (no holes), and a white, powder blue or navy top. Barton t-shirts are allowed.


    *Breakfast and Lunch:  Breakfast and lunch will be served on campus. There will be no grab and go lunches.


    Barton families, help us keep everyone safe. Please remind your child to practice social distancing, wash their hands, and to wear their masks while at school. Students should also practice social distancing before and after school, even while waiting for a family member to pick them up.

    Please continue to check back for more updates.






    Popular Links

    Students can improve their Reading and Math skills while at home, especially on the weekends and during winter, spring, and summer breaks.  Learn while at home!

    Motivate and elevate! Become inspired to learn more every day! 

    Please take a moment and explore the links below

    SBAC Resource Links

    It's never too early to prepare for our state's assessment known as SBAC.  This assessment is administered to students in grades 3-5. 

    Please click on the links below to familiarize yourself with this assessment. 

                                Prepare now.

    Barton Calendar
    Mrs. Hubbard's Library Corner
    Research Question of the Week May 16th

    Which Pacific Island Nation was the first to gain independence?

    Research Question of the Week forms are available on the Library Canvas home page or in the library.  Research Question of the Week forms are due every Monday by 8 a.m.  Remember to use a complete sentence to answer the question and cite your source!

    Winners' names will be posted in the Library Canvas course for your teachers and classmates to see.  Three randomly selected winners will win a prize.

    Happy Researching, Barton Scholars!

          Special Dates

    First Day of School - 8/31/2022

    Back to School Night - 9/22/22

    Thanksgiving Break - 11/21/22 - 11/25/22

    Winter Break - 12/26/22 - 1/6/2023

    King Day - 1/16/2023

    End of Fall Semester - 1/27/23

    Spring Semester Begins - 1/30/23

    Lincoln Day - 2/13/23

    Washington Day - 2/20/23

    Conference Days - 4/4 - 4/5/23

    Admission's Day - 4/7/2023

    Spring Recess - 4/10/23 - 4/14/23

    Open House - 03/28/23 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

    Memorial Day - 5/29/23

    Last Day of School - 6/15/23