Barty the Bear

Barty the Bear

Be "Beary" Good!

Barton Staff believe in a positive school environment where students and staff are happy to be at "work" every day.  A safe and respectful environment has a direct relationship to student achievement. Barton Staff would like students to think about the expectations listed below for the 2013-2014 school year.  We will have important messages throughout the year about the expected behaviors and the school will provide positive incentives for students who meet these expectations:

Barton Bears are:

  • Nice
  • Helpful
  • Respectful
  • Buddies
  • "Hands-Off"

Work hard, learn, and get smarter every day!

It's going to be a "Beary" good year!


Barton Planting Day! Volunteers Help Make It a Huge Success!

Volunteers at Barton

Health Inspector: "A Clean and Healthy School!"

The Health Inspector came to Barton Elementary with a surprise visit and Barton passed with flying colors!  The Health Inspector checked the cafeteria, restrooms, playground, and dumpsters.  He and his team noted the following:

  • Cafeteria:  Passed all requirements and regulations for serving food and cleaning of the cafeteria.  
  • Restrooms:  Restrooms were stellar.  Restrooms were very clean with paper towels, toilet paper, and soaps fully stocked.
  • Playground: Clean and clear.
  • Dumpsters:  Dumpsters were locked and clear of outside debris.  Dumpsters were clear of any violations.

From this visit, it is clear that everyone is doing their part to help keep Barton a clean and safe place to eat and learn!  A special thank you to our custodians, cafeteria, and recreation staff for working so hard to help keep our school clean.  This also means Barton students are doing their part as well. Students are following our Restroom Manners Program:  Go - Clean - Leave!  Great job to Barton!

Barty's Bees Help Barton Get Off to a Great Start!

We are off to a great start!  The first 3 days were very successful. Students commented on how safe they felt and they are very excited about being in school. Students were specific in their comments too!  For example, a third grader told Mr. Littlejohn, "I am so excited about the Barty Buck and the Prize Room! It helps me want to learn and listen to my teacher. I like the 'Be Nice' rule too." 

A fourth grader also ran to Mr. Littlejohn with excitement during her fourth grade lunch and claimed the following: "It worked!  It really worked! The Hands-off rule really helped and it worked. A boy grabbed my arm and I told him 'Hands-off!'  He let go of my arm and I felt great!"  

Barty's Bees: Nice, Helpful, Respectful, Buddy, Hands Off

Follow these Bees and you will be successful!  We will continue to have a great year!

Barton News

A Note From the Health Dept. Regarding Whooping Cough
Please see the attached information from the City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services regarding whooping cough.  Additional information on required immunizations for students is available . Continue
Posted by: Public Information Office
Published: 4/9/14

Common Core Standards: Suggestions for Students
The Common Core Standards are here!  Barton Elementary students will need to learn the Common Core Standards in order to prepare for the Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium exams starting next year!  Students will be required to answer... Continue
Posted by: Richard Littlejohn
Published: 8/3/13

Mrs. Hubbard's Library Corner

Research Question of the Week:

April 14, 2014

What is the origin of the word "eggplant"?  (Why do we call an eggplant an eggplant?

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8:00-1:30 Grades 1-5

Today: 4/16/14

Restroom Manners

Barton Elementary is a Safe and Civil School.  Barton promotes safe behavior and civility.  Barton students are expected to BE HELPFUL by using the restrooms appropriately and safely.  Students should follow these easy to follow steps when utilizing the restrooms at school:  GO ---  CLEAN ---  LEAVE.    GO means to use the toilet.  CLEAN means to flush the toilet, wash your hands, and throw paper towels in the wastebasket.  LEAVE means to leave the restroom quickly. Students may be positively recognized by staff members when following Barton's Restroom Manners!  Let's BE HELPFUL and make sure we are using the restrooms appropriately.